Communication between health care workers in a hospital is essential to coordinate care, but it is also time consuming and can interrupt work. Breakdown in communication is also a frequent cause of medical errors. At hospitals physicians often carry several communication devices, such as pagers, wireless telephones, and personal cell phones.

The pager is the most established and relied upon technology for notifying physicians oncall, but it is also cumbersome, as the physician either has to call back or seek out the sender of the message. The wireless telephone is more convenient for establishing immediate two-way communication, but it is still not considered reliable enough to completely replace the pager.

This project aims at exploring the use of a smartphone that can replace the pager and the wireless telephone. It is meant as a proof of concept for improving intra-hospital communication

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  • Multiplatform instant messaging.
  • Private communication.
  • Receiver can set status with regards to availability.
  • Current status of your contacts.
  • Sender can set urgency of message.
  • Messages can be acknowledged using standardized templates.


  • iOS version (iPhone, iPod touch, iPad).
  • Android version (smartphone & tablet).